Ministry Groups

Disciple Groups
Disciple Groups provide opportunities for people to join 1-2 other Christ followers for weekly prayer, Bible reading and spiritual maturity. Grace provides groups for teens, adult men and adult women.
Disciple Groups meet during the week in homes or public places throughout the city with the intent of multiplying and birthing new groups.
Discovery Groups
Discovery Groups provide weekly opportunities for people to discover biblical perspectives of God and the human self through interactive group discussions centered around a particular Bible passage.
Discovery Groups consist of 6 or more people who generally meet in homes across the city. Grace provides groups for teens and adults. Some childcare is provided. 
Grace Gatherings
Grace Gatherings provide weekly opportunities for the entire Grace Fellowship community to magnify Christ together through worship including: prayer, praise, giving, music, gospel proclamation, teaching, and equipping.
Grace also provides an excellent Children’s ministry time as an option for parents during the worship service.